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July 30 to August 01, 2022 marked  the formal initiation of our


on Parliament Hill as equal partners, shareholders, co-owners and final decision makers  for CANADA to be corrected and legally recognized in our CONSTITUTION.

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What is this Event all about? 

The best way for Canadians and Indigenous people to protect our country and our rights, is to initiate our Political and Civil rights to collective self-determination.

The Canadian and Indigenous peoples of Canada had the right to national collective self-determination and decolonization from 1931, and again in 1982 when our Governments had the duty, and chance to initiate it for the people. However, this issue was never spoken about or brought up in either provincial or federal legislatures by our Governments.

Instead, our collective Political and Civil rights as the combined peoples being the lawful, legal Head of State of Canada in our Constitution with final decision making authority (VETO) power above the Queen and our Governments was buried, and hidden from all of us for decades therefore, deliberately creating a stolen right from all Canadian, and Indigenous peoples since Canada and the UK has been bound to our rights since after WWII and signed onto those rights in 1976.

We, the Canadian Peoples Union undertook the actions to remedy the situation.  One of these actions was initiated March 03, 2022 in a formal letter to the UK demanding a Constitutional correction.
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This Constitutional correction can remedy reconciliation, and finalize decolonization by legally including the Indigenous peoples of Canada as equal partners, shareholders, co-owners and final decision-makers with Canadians on each side of the TWO ROW WAMPUM TREATY for our country in our constitution.

It would only take a motion filed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth to the UK Parliament for vote to issue a formal Declaration and ratified by Royal Assent. If not done, then the UK is liable just as Canada to be in breach of many International Laws, including the Statute of Rome.

The other action was the initiation of drafting a formal legally binding contract named the "Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment, Convention of Consent" living document created in 2014 to be signed by all Canadian, and Indigenous peoples who want our combined rights lawfully, legally recognized in our Constitution as being the final decision makers, and having full authority over our governance.

No Government should ever have full authority over the people they work for. That authority belongs to both peoples in this country.

With the help of all Canadian and Indigenous peoples, igniting the conversation, and enforcing its legislation is the first step to success. We believe we can achieve this on Parliament Hill, July 30th, 2022.

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Convention of Consent

What is the Convention of Consent?


The Convention of Consent is a Confidential legally binding contract between the Canadian Citizens to govern this country as collective Head of State above the governments along with the Indigenous Peoples … as we should have been since 1931 and especially after 1982. Signing is to take responsibility for the governance of our country, collectively. It is not about overthrowing the government. They will still be required to run the country on the daily aspects. It is about Shifting power from party elites to informed citizens with final decision making authority.

Read the Official UK Request Letter for Constitutional Corrections
Canada Act 1982 - Canadian Constitution 1867-1982
Queen-CPU-official-request to The-United-Kingdom-for-constitution-correction-and-proclamat

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Letters and Information prepared for the Attorney-General of Canada, Businesses, Corporations and Unions that YOU CAN USE to send a message to your elected officials (MP, MLA, Municipal), Senate, Governor-General, Lieutenant-Governor, Businesses, Corporations, Unions and your employer regarding your rights in our Constitution, International Law, and Canadian Precedent in Law.
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