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Updated: Apr 21

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Canadian People's Union Membership

You will find some areas on our website can only be accessed by CPU Members. This is because our website has been set up to serve three purposes: 1. Calls to Action under The Powershift solution created by the CPU 2. A website Members Forum where you sign up, for free, and can discuss a number of topics with all other free members and CPU members on the website 3. For CPU Members Why Become a Canadian People's Union Member? To work with others who, like yourself, understand that something is broken in the way our country is governed. To work towards changing and fixing what is broken so our children and future generations have a strong foundation to work with in regards to individual rights, collective rights, and the ability to self-determine through discussion, critical thinking, problem solving and debate how they wish to be self-governed, or how they want their government to work for them. To fix the root problem that is causing so many issues in our country today. The harsh reality that there are no "overseeing" body of experts, elected officials, or anything really, that keeps those we elect accountable for their actions. Those we elect simply write, amend, or change the rules for themselves as they go. CPU Members understand that the only difference between living under dictatorship or being free to make decisions on your own is...who has final-decision making authority. Better put, it is who has the ability to say "No". You will find a couple of options to join here, on our website. #bloggingtips #WixBlog

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